25 Manufacturing Business Ideas with 15 Lakhs (India, Chennai, Tamilnadu, Bihar)

Best 25 Manufacturing Business ideas to start with 15 lakh Rs are listed

Best Manufacturing Business Ideas Under 15 Lakhs

manufacturing business ideas under 15 lakhs

You have a decent amount of money, but you are not sure where to invest that money and earn more…

So, you are searching for manufacturing business ideas under 15 lakhs for a way to multiply your money and earn more money in the future.

Actually, is there a way to multiply your money?

There is a popular saying, “Money Makes Money”


Can I really earn money by starting a business these days???

Fortunately, yes!!!

By starting a manufacturing-based business you will have the opportunity to become a millionaire… but you need to work a lot.

Now let us have a glance at manufacturing based business ideas under 15 lakhs

1. Pharma Capsule Manufacturing company

capsule manufacturing business idea

This is one of the best manufacturing business ideas with a 15 lakh investment.

Yes, the demand for the gelatin capsule is always high in the medicine manufacturing company. All medicine manufacturing companies tend to buy the empty gelatin capsule from the manufacturer directly.

And therefore, you have the best opportunity to start this business to make a great profit.

To read more about this business click here Gelatin Capsule Manufacturing business

2. Toys manufacturing company

Toys manufacturing business idea under 15 lakhs

This is another profitable business to start with 15 lakh Rs. These days innovative toys and creative toys are most welcomed by the customers.

People buy small circus and play toys to the kid they have. Every playschool should entertain their school kids with toys and other educational toys…

In short words it has a big market, if you can run this business-facing all the difficulties of the first 3 years then you will surely earn a lot of money in this business.

For more details about this business, you can read this article Toys Making Business in India

3. Snacks Manufacturing company

snacks manufacturing business idea

Companies like Haldirams are started from a small bakery shop… Now they are selling Indian traditional snacks items internationally and producing a huge profit.

There is very little competition for this business right now, you can definitely start this company on your own…

For inspiration read this article fully, Examples of agro-based industries here are the full details of history and how they grew their company from small…

4. Tissue Paper Manufacturing business

tissue paper business idea

Tissue paper is commonly used in hotels, lodges, restaurants, toilets, offices, households and etc…

Tissue paper is a big market, it doesn’t have a big brand competition… So you can jump into this business and get into this huge market.

You will definitely make a profit by starting this business you can read about this business click here Is tissue paper business profitable?

5. Notebook Manufacturing business


This is also a big business where you don’t have a branded competition… but the usage of notebooks is very wide.

Therefore you should buy a notebook manufacturing machine and start this business…

If you want to know about the full details of this business read more

note-book making business full details

6. Brick Manufacturing business


Civil construction is an evergreen business that has a good profit margin. Therefore if you are interested in the city related business… then definitely you should try out for this business, because the brick is a must for buildings and construction works.

In order to know more about this business, you should read it here Brick making business in INDIA

7. PCB board Manufacturing Business

PCB board

This is a superb business idea that you can start with 15lakhs rupees budget and earn a huge profit. PCB board is the very common usage for almost all electronic gadgets and products… And therefore, if you manufacture this PCB board then you no need to worry about the sales…. you will simply have more demand once you begin this business.

If you want to read more about this business click here PCB board making

8. Yoga Mat manufacturing business

Yoga mat

You can start a Yoga mat manufacturing company… This business has no competition but the market is very big so you will have the opportunity to easily sell your product.

This yoga is very popular these days… This Yoga mat is not only used to yoga it is used for practicing various exercises

Therefore, if you start this business you will have a good profit in selling this product.

If you want to know the details of this business know here…

IYogaSports Company

9. LED light bulb manufacturing business

led bulb

LED light is used in every household these days… it has become a must-have thing. But you may worry about the branded competition here… like Philips etc.

Yes, there is a huge competition in this business, but still, if you were able to sell a bit of your production then you will be able to earn a lot of money from that.

This business is profitable because it can be done easily with 4 to 5 people and the production cost is very low. You can manufacture this for 15 Rs and sell it for 50 Rs.

I personally know a person who started this business in his own house and earned a monthly 15 lakh Rs.

To know more click here LED making business

10. Screw manufacturing business


A screw is a vital part of making a machine or any industrial products. We need in lakhs and lakhs of screws for a single company in a year.

And therefore, you can manufacture this screw using a machine and simply supply it to all the hardware shops and industries directly. If you can communicate and speak well, then the market is very big you can get success very easily.

11. PET plastic bottle manufacturing business

Plastic bottles are the most widely used all over the world. These plastic bottles are not only used for water bottles, but it is also used for other products like Face lotion cream bottle, Scent bottle, Distilled water, etc…

Many water bottle making companies and other companies that require PET bottles will buy it from you in bulk.

Because they will concentrate on producing their liquid lotion or juice or any other product… and they will buy the bottle from you in bulk.

This way you will have a huge profit in this business.

Know the details here…

Hassan Plas Packaging

12. Nut bolt manufacturing business

nuts and bolts manufacturing

Nuts and Bolts are very important for both the civil and mechanical field… without the nuts and bolts, you can never imagine a product.

It is very much important and has huge applications in various products from automobiles to the normal tables, chairs…

You have to be prepared to manufacture nut bolts using a machine and sell it to the hardware shops or industries directly.

13. Insulation Tape Manufacturing business

sellotape manufacturing

Insulation tape is nothing but a sellotape… you have to manufacture this and sell it to the dealers.

The dealers will sell it to the shopkeepers and other places like government offices etc…

14. Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing Business

Hand sanitizer is very important, this corona has shown us the importance of hygiene. And it has turned many people to develop hygienic habits.

Thus the hand sanitizers are widely used everywhere today…

And therefore, you can manufacture the sanitizer liquid by yourself and cover it with a plastic bottle and sell it.

15. Jute Bag Manufacturing Business

Jute bag

A jute bag is another good business, you can earn a lot of money in this business…

You may think, what is there in this business? but jute products are costly and has the demand all over the world

For example, ECO JUTE PVT LTD. is a big company routed in India selling jute bags and other jute products internationally. It is one of the top companies in India.

16. Face Mask Manufacturing Business

The face mask is often used by the nurses and doctors… nowadays polluted states like New Delhi, are started using this face mask to prevent them from pollution.

So if you start manufacturing this face mask business plan it to sell throughout the country… So that you will easily gain the market soon.

17. Egg or Apple tray Manufacturing business

Hi, you need 16 lakhs to buy this machine and then you will need to buy the required raw material to produce the egg tray or apple tray.

Egg trays and apple trays are widely used in grocery shops and supermarkets it is a daily use product. And therefore you can start this business and earn a lot of money.

18. Acrylic Button Manufacturing Business

Acrylic buttons are used in pockets, shirts, pants, bags, purses and etc…

You can start this business and easily sell acrylic buttons in the wholesale markets.

19. Balloon manufacturing business


Balloons are used for Christmas, functions, marriage function, birthday parties, get together parties, farewell parties, and so on…

There is no competition for this business, so you can easily manufacture this business and use your money to sell balloons widely to all the shops in your state.

20. Bandage Manufacturing business


A bandage is a daily usage in all the hospitals, it is a must-have thing in any first aid kits and hospitals…

You can start manufacturing this bandage and sell it to the medical shops and other hospitals directly…

21. Corrugated Box Manufacturing business

corrugated box

Corrugated boxes are used for packaging the products. Therefore these corrugated boxes are widely used in all types of businesses. Especially this is used by the logistics companies…

If you manage to manufacture this corrugated box then you can easily sell it earn money.

22. Disposable plates Manufacturing business

You can produce a ton of disposable plates and easily sell it because it is a daily usage product. In every railway station, canteens, bakery shops, some stationery shops use these types of disposable plates to serve their customers.

23. Diaper Manufacturing business


This diaper is used for every baby and ladies and therefore you should know the market size…

Competition is there in this business, but still, the market is very big that anyone can start manufacturing this diaper and will be able to sell it successfully.

24. Welding Electrode Manufacturing business

welding electrodes packet

Welding electrodes are a very essential thing for a welding company without it no one can do welding. And therefore, it is a daily usage product for a welder.

The welding electrode is a fast-moving product in the mechanical or civil engineering field.

You can start manufacturing this welding electrode and earn a lot of money.

25. Helmet Manufacturing business


The helmet has become a must for anybody who drives two-wheeler in India. Because of this rule, now the helmet sale and demand is at its peak…

You can use this opportunity and manufacture a quality helmet and provide it to our citizens.

For more business ideas… with low risk but high-profit click below.

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So, what is your plan to do next? Let me know in the comment box. I will reply to you about your questions…

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