Sweet Box Making Business | Small Business Ideas

Sweet Box Making Business | Small Business Ideas

Welcome to our business ideas! Today I will share you some interesting information about sweet box making business. Just imagine, you started a business 6 months ago and now you are successfully earning 1 lakh per month!

That sounds spammy right!

But it is totally possible!

After reading this, you will have a detail view of a profitable business with a low-cost investment. That you can start immediately!

how to start sweet box making business

Yes! sweets are a must for our Indian culture, as it is used and distributed in almost all of the traditional functions.

For a sweet shop owner, the sweet should sell well and he should earn more profit. So that, he considers improving the taste of each sweet that he has in his shop.

But, the main attraction for the customer is the tempting cover of a beautiful looking sweet box. So it is very important to make nice, quality cheap sweet boxes to meet business challenges.

Ok now, here are the things that I am going to share with you in this post,

Sweet box making business

Area Required

You can start this business in your home itself, you will need 200 sqft minimum.

Sweetbox making Machine and its cost:
  • There are two types of machine, one is semi-automatic and other one is a fully automatic machine.
  • Semi-Automatic Machine cost is 3 lakhs approximately.
  • Fully automatic machine costs around 5 to 10 lakhs.
  • The price varies according to the quality of the machine. If the quality of the machine is high accordingly price will also be high.
  • So, you will also need a printing machine which is a must-have for this business.
  • Approximately printing machine costs around 30,000 Rs.
sweet box Raw Material

You need hard paper to make boxes.

This hard paper should be printed before applied to box making process.

Total Investment|sweet box making business

You may invest around 3 to 4 lakh to start with semi-automatic machine initially

As a running capital for initial 3 months, you will require 6 to 7 lakhs approximately.

How Much Profit?

To show you the picture of the profit margin, I will explain with an example. To make an ordinary box with regular size, it may cost you 5 to 6 Rs approximately (This applies, when you use machines to make boxes). But your selling price as a wholesale rate would be above 10Rs.

sweet box making business price

  • The above wholesale rate is applied for a minimum order of 1000 boxes.
  • So, you make 50 to 70% of profit for each box.

sweet box making business info

Marketing Tips and Ideas:
  • You should study the box sizes that are popular and common. Then you have to make that type of boxes. Therefore, you get order quite easily when the size of your boxes matches the need of clients.

And the common size for the 1kg box would be like this W 6.5” X L 8.5” X H 2.0”

  • Initially, when you have started the business try to approach your local bakery shops and sweet shops that are nearby.


  • But in long term, you have to target for big branded shops which will give you huge orders according to their need.


  • You can also do some creative designs and offer with low price to leverage your business.


  • Try to approach event managers who arrange parties, marriage functions, birthday functions, and other so many events. This may give you less quantity of orders sometimes, but you can increase your profit margin for low quantity orders.


  • You need to tie up with paper mills that are situated near you. And so, you will clarify the availability of source material.


  • Finally, last but not least, don’t forget to list your business in free services like Google Business, JustDial, Indiamart, OLA, Quicker, etc..

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